Zygor Guides For World of Warcraft

Powerleveling Made Easy

World of Warcraft is a huge game with massive worlds and thousands of quests for you to complete whilst you level. Now that the level cap is 100 in Warlords of Draenor, leveling a new character has become something of a daunting task. But let me ask you these questions…

Do you have limited time to play World of Warcraft and are fed up with wasting that time on pointless quests?

Are you tired of getting lost using the in game maps and quest tracker?

Do you struggle with completing daily quests and knowing which ones are most worthwhile?

Do you enjoy getting Achievements in WoW and want to get them easily?

Do you want to know how to get through dungeons and gear up more easily?

Do you want help making gold in WoW so you can buy game time tokens or expensive mounts?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then there is a Zygor Guide that is perfect for you. There are 7 different modules, each one can stand alone as an in-game addon or as a whole suite of functions if you want help in all areas of the World of Warcraft. No more slow leveling a character – with Zygor Guides you should be able to powerlevel 1 – 100 in just 7-8 days game time played! There’s a reason Zygor Guides is #1 best selling leveling guide for World of Warcraft after all!


Zygor Leveling & Loremaster Guide

The most popular of the Zygor Guides is the Leveling & Loremaster Guide. It’s available as both an Alliance leveling guide and a Horde leveling guide version or you can buy both together to get a nice discount if you are bi-factional. The modules are always updated quickly and is current for all your Warlords of Draenor leveling guide needs.

You might wonder why you even need a WoW levelling guide when Blizzard has made so many improvements to the World of Warcraft quest tracker and maps in game. The answer to that is plain and simple – they still haven’t made an in-game system that is as good as the Zygor Guides for leveling your characters quickly and easily.


Dynamic In Game Guide Viewer

zygor guides viewerShows which quests to take and their objectives – faster questing! The in-game interface not only tells you where to go for your next quest via a waypoint arrow, it will also skip quests if you have done a few dungeons or gained extra XP from the in-game holiday events and are ahead of the experience gains for your level. No more questing below your level means you maximize XP gains from every quest which in turn, speeds up your leveling process.

On Screen Waypoint & Travel System

The On Screen Waypoint directs you to the correct area to complete quests using the best travel option available for your character. The travel system will calculate a path from exactly where you are standing now to where you need to go for a quest objective. That’s a huge bonus when your next quest is the other side of the zone or even in a different zone. No more wondering if you are going the right way! It even uses abilities like Mage teleport or your hearthstone to speed up your travel times. The Waypoint Arrow is customizable in size, shape and opacity and can be moved anywhere on your screen.

Optimized Questing Path

zygor guides smart injection systemThe questing path is optimized for level 1-100 to make powerleveling your character a breeze! Not only does the quest tracker point you in the right direction, it will advise which quests to do in one area before returning to base and it will pick up the bonus quests in Warlords of Draenor areas to maximise your XP gains.

If you get ahead of the XP curve, the dynamic Zygor addon will by-pass quests or move you to another zone so you don’t waste time on low-level questing by using their Smart Injection System. You can even clean up your quest log book with one click!


Talent Advisor

Not sure which Talent to chose? Don’t worry – Zygor Guides helps you pick talents for your class and specification saving you hours of research across World of Warcraft talent guide websites..

Quest Reward Advisor

The Zygor Guides Quest Reward Advisor highlights the best gear to chose from quest rewards – no more agonizing over item stats. It’s a fantastic feature. I know I spend minutes at a time choosing the best reward to take from a quest that gives me options but the Zygor guide will highlight the best option for you so just click, equip and off you go to your next quest. It will even auto-equip gear for you if you wish – just check the box in the options area.

Loremaster Achievement Guide

The built in Loremaster guide allows you to complete missed quests in older zones easily. Finally, the Loremaster achievement is now easier than ever to complete. No more missing quests to track down and waste time. Just chose the Loremaster option for any zone in WoW and the Zygors Loremaster Guide will help you through any remaining quests you need for the achievement.


The Full Set of Zygor Guides

As mentioned above, there is a full range of Zygor Guides available and all are as well designed as the levelling guide module. The Home Screen gives you easy access to all the guides you have purchased but if you only have the Leveling Guide, trial versions of all the other modules are included for you to try.

  • Zygor Leveling & Loremaster Guide
  • Zygor’s Dailies & Events Guide
  • Zygor’s Dungeons & Gear Guide (includes Gear Finder)
  • Zygor’s Professions & Achievements Guide
  • Zygor’s Pets & Mounts Guide (includes Creature Detector)
  • Zygor’s Titles & Reputations Guide (includes pre-made macros)
  • Zygor’s Gold & Auctions Guide (includes mailbox & auction tools)


I really do recommend Zygor Guides for leveling quickly and easily in World of Warcraft. From years of personal experience with the leveling guide in game and their member forums for getting help on a whole range of topics, I would happily sell this World of Warcraft leveling guide to my poor old Mom – I love it that much! Want to read more?

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